Innemost Thoughts and Poems Book

Innermost Thoughts and Poems

See the Journey through My Eyes

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Author Anita Warrington

Being 1 of 8 children, the youngest girl. I would say, I was the type who people wouldn’t see as a book writer. Brought up in a rural area, surrounded by nature at its best had brought me experience and clarity. Laying in a corn field watching the clouds, yes making shapes, not a care in the world.


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Innemost Thoughts and Poems Book

In the midst of the roller coaster of life, I was able to take moments to create a written journey. When life turns upside down, you are unsure where it will take you. For me, it was in a form of a poem. As the poems grew, it was overwhelming. I decided to put these poems in a book form and share them with you. What I found within my writing was a trigger to help with overcome stresses. As most would say “getting it off my chest”. It was therapeutic.

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