Anita Warrington’s Achievements 

March of 2019, I received a S.O.A.R award for Service Over and Above Requirements presented by the Dean.  I was nominated by a HR specialist.

In an education field, working for my employer for 17 years has allowed me to experience a multitude of positions.  I’m currently serving as an Office Manager for 3 clinics.

My spare time, I created a flower garden in the front of my house.  For some reason, I choose to do this on a very hot 3 days.  Not being a professional landscaper by trade, it took me a while to dig up the dirt in a pattern I preferred.  Removal of all the extra grass and dirt, struggling to move it to the backyard in trash bags, I happened to over fill.  Having to treat the soil, then selecting flowers.  Not so good at that either, a few died.  So, I revisited the plant store, read more on what each plant required, sun/shade etc.…hope for the best.  I found making this garden therapeutic as well.

Getting a puppy on my birthday, 3 years ago.  He is a Bichon and Shih tzu mix.  He weighs 10 pound and is in good health.  His name was given to him by my mother it’s Denselow (named after my uncle whom is no longer with us).  I gave him a nickname poody, yeah.  He cheers me up when I’m down, he is a great addition to my family.

After the loss of my mother in January 2019.  I decided to complete this book.  Starting this book early 2000’s, then finishing it in 2009.  I was thinking of self-publishing however the money was not there.  With my mother’s health declining in 2015, I put this book to the side.  My focus was on my mother, who needed me.

Forthcoming achievements will be a part II of Innermost Thoughts and Poems.  As well as a different type of book.  Based on my experience caring for loved ones.