Sharing Her “Innermost Thoughts and Poems

New book is the author’s way of opening up her heart so she can inspire others


Readers will have the chance to see author Anita Warrington’s journey through her eyes and with her words in “Innermost Thoughts and Poems”. In the midst of the roller coaster of life, she was able to take moments to create a written journey. In times of happiness and sadness, she penned down her thoughts on paper, as therapy. It seems to work out great and she doesn’t have to pay a therapist hundreds of dollars to discuss how she is feeling inside; she hopes others will be inspired to do so as well.

When life turns upside down, people will be unsure where it will take them. For the author, it was in a form of a poem. As the poems grew, it became overwhelming. She decided to put these poems in a book form and share them with everyone. What she found within her writing was a trigger to help with overcoming stresses. As most would say, getting it off her chest was therapeutic.

This book has taken her about several years to create and weeks to put together. To incorporate her thoughts and poems into a book format and to share them with others is a big accomplishment for her. Making a book was not her original plan, but it was exciting. She is just like everyone in America, who has been happy and sad and going through the ups and downs of life. And she wants people to know that they are not alone.

People will be able to relate to these poems and thoughts as these are daily experiences and struggles they face every day.

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About the Author
Anita Warrington, being 1 of 8 children, the youngest girl, was the type who people wouldn’t see as a book writer. Brought up in a rural area, surrounded by nature at its best, had brought her experience and clarity. Laying in a corn field watching the clouds, yes making shapes, not a care in the world, she evolved over time from being a tomboy (climbing trees and falling from them) to a girly girl, now focused on fashion and writing. If someone stated to her years ago that she will be a writer, she would’ve looked at them with disbelief.

Innermost Thoughts and Poems Book

Innermost Thoughts and Poems by Anita Warrington
Publication Date: August 5, 2019; 124 pages
Paperback $8.99; 9781646200085