Seeing Life through a Poetic Journey

Author shares her mind, heart and soul with beautiful, lyrical renditions


Randallstown, MD – From the many life lessons and the tumultuous emotions that poet-author Anita Warrington experienced comes a heartwarming collection of Innermost Thoughts and Poems that everyone can relate to. She hopes that readers will see her life journey through her eyes and feel her sentiments expressed through the lines and verses of her poems.

In the midst of the rollercoaster of life, the author was able to take moments to create a written journey. When life turns upside down, people are unsure where life will take them. For the author, it was in a form of a poem. As the poems grew, it became overwhelming, so she decided to put these poems in book form.

What she found within her writing was a trigger to help overcome stress. It was therapeutic. And that’s what she wishes for her readers to see and experience, that as they go through life’s stresses and pains and worries, may her poems offer them some moments of solace.